After a math and concept heavy post, I wanted to wind things down and bring some variety. I often will watch a game of a team I don’t normally support to only watch one specific player, and I think it would be fun to write about some of those guys and what makes them so special to the modern game of hockey. Let’s start with a player I’m going to see play next week. John Tavares.


Personally, I just like the guy. He is just a few days younger than me, so he serves as a reminder of how unimpressive my life must seem. While I was graduating high school, he was getting drafted by the Islanders. While I was finishing college, he was runner up for the Art Ross trophy for season scoring (okay, that kind of makes me happy since Jamie Benn won). How is his play now? Just as impressive as it’s always been.


Tavares is one of the NHL’s most elite forwards playing on one of the league’s most underwhelming teams. Despite a slow start for the team, Isles captain John Tavares continues to impress. This goal against the Blues shows why he is so impressive. Strength, control and skill all come together in an impossible situation leading to an impressive finish on a solo play. He is a true professional leading his team along on their current mid-season comeback. We can only hope for it to be a big enough turnaround for a playoff spot.


I will try and watch Islanders games because I like to watch one of the best players at work. Now, I tend to favor defensemen as my most watched players, so next time I will talk a bit about one of the best in that spot: Kris Letang.